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ISA Annual Report 2023

Landmark Growth

ISA experienced a tremendously successful 2023 with landmark growth across all areas of the organization.

2023 marked the largest-ever operating margin on record for the organization — a significant achievement by any measure. But it is important to recognize that this marks only the fourth time since 1999 that the society has been profitable. And notably, this is the second consecutive year of profitability for ISA. We are proud to deliver the products, services, and programs that the automation community wants.

Read on for more about the achievements we saw in 2023, including membership growth, thought leadership, and so much more.

We can proudly say that ISA is the leading professional society for automation and industrial cybersecurity — a society that is stronger and better than ever.

Letter From the President

It has been an honor to serve as president during such a successful year at ISA. I want to express how much I enjoyed serving the ISA community in 2023. 

My sincere thanks go out to Claire Fallon, our Executive Director, as well as her staff, for the continuous work of keeping the society operational and for executing on ISA’s strategic plan. Equally important are the countless volunteers who provide their time to manage the many sections, divisions, standards, and committees of ISA, as well as share their expertise to benefit the automation industry. Many thanks also go out to the entire Executive Board for their support.

This year ISA saw another consecutive year of membership growth, the largest surplus on record for the society, a significant increase in standards sales, and record-breaking numbers in training class attendees. This could not be possible without the hard work and dedication of everyone working to create a better world through automation.

Remember that ISA is your professional society. I encourage you to recommend ISA to a colleague, new graduate or new employee and help their careers in ways they couldn't imagine.

I am so proud to have been a part of the continued growth trajectory of ISA and look forward to seeing the society build upon its success in the future.


Marty Bince 
2023 ISA President 

Executive Board 2023 


Marty Bince


Past President
Carlos Mandolesi

President-elect Secretary
Prabhu Soundarrajan


Steve Mustard, P.E., B.Eng, C.Eng, CAP, GICSP


Executive Director
Claire Fallon


Ardis Bartle

R. Donald Bartusiak, PhD


Dean Bickerton

Dr Paulina Chan

Dr. Paulina Chan, SMIEEE, CMgr, CCMI

Francisco Diaz-Andreu


Jim Garrison, P.E.,CAP, CFSE


Vivek Gupta


Eddie Habibi

Maxym Lachance, P.Eng


Claudio Makarovsky


Edward Naranjo

Jagdish Shukla


Sujata Tilak


Ashley Weckwerth, P.E.

Summary of Major Accomplishments 

ISA 2023 Strategic Objectives 

Outreach, Awareness, and Advocacy

Be recognized as the leading, global, independent source of automation knowledge.

Innovation Insights

Proactively identify and foster evolving and emerging technology, processes, and business practices related to ISA’s mission. 

Vibrant Community

Grow a consciously inclusive community to enable collaboration and foster the development of leadership skills.

Financial Stability

Foster a sustainable financial position that continues to support ISA's mission.

Significant Accomplishments in 2023

USD 2.5 million revenue growth year over year

Largest margin on record — over USD 1.1 million

Second consecutive profitable year — and fourth since 1999

40% increase in training attendees

19% increase in standards sales

8.12% growth in membership

6.2% increase in media coverage

Launched first event outside the US in decades

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Setting the Standard for Automation™

For nearly 80 years, ISA has developed standards that represent leading industrial automation and cybersecurity practices. As an ANSI-accredited standards developer, ISA is committed to an open, consensus-based process. 


3,500+ Volunteers

40 Countries represented    

14 Standards committees    

138 Published standards    

20 Recommended practices    

63 Technical reports 

Published This Year

  • ISA-106.00.01, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations
  • ISA-67.06.01, Performance Monitoring for Nuclear Safety-Related Instrument Channels in Nuclear Power Plants
  • ISA-TR18.2.8, Guidelines for Non-Alarm Notifications
  • ISA-TR5.9, Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Algorithms and Performance
  • ISA-TR77.22.01, Fossil Power Plant – Plant Sequence Control
  • ISA-TR84.00.03, Automation Asset Integrity of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

Pub Hub Launched

With its vast collection of essential resources, including ISA standards, best practices, technical reports, InTech magazine archives, webinars, and e-books, Pub Hub launched in 2023 to offer members a new way to access critical information.

ISA Pub Hub Graphic

Also Notable in 2023

  • A new ISA99 working group, Workforce Security Competencies and Models, was established
  • ISA successfully completed a comprehensive five-year audit by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Online views of ISA standards (free for ISA members): 30,538
  • Most viewed standard: ISA-5.1, Instrumentation Symbols and Identification


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11,656 Trainees

40% Increase    

2,887 North America    

1,662 Asia Pacific

2,383 Europe

526 Latin America and Caribbean

597 Middle East and Africa

3,238 Unknown

Top Five Training Courses

  • Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Industrial Control System (IC32M)
  • Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS Systems (IC33M)
  • IACS Cybersecurity Design & Implementation (IC34M)
  • Technician Training Boot Camp (TTBC)
  • Cybersecurity Operations & Maintenance (IC37M)

Courses Launched

  • Communication Essentials for Industrial Automation Systems (ITS07M) (33 modules) 
  • Continuous Process Analyzers and Sampling Systems (SP36M) (22 modules)
  • Safety Instrumented Systems: A Lifecycle Approach (EC50M) (7 modules)
  • Introduction to IIoT—The Industrial Internet of Things (DT101M) (5 modules)
  • Introduction to Big Data (DT102M) (5 modules)

Major Course Revisions

  • Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control Systems (IC32M) (12 modules)
  • Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS Systems (IC33M) (4 modules)
  • IACS Cybersecurity Design & Implementation (IC34M) (10 modules)
  • IACS Cybersecurity Operations & Maintenance (IC37M) (5 modules)

Also Notable

IACET logo International Accreditors for Continuing Education and TrainingISA offers training accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) across a number of topics and fields in industrial automation, including instrumentation, process control, and digital transformation. Learn more at

Instructors are needed for various ISA training courses. Apply today.

Credentials: Certifications and Certificate Programs

Certification and Credential Holders

Credential Name Current Holders New in 2023
CAP-Logo-300px Certified Automation Professional (CAP®) 680 13
CAP-Assoc-logo Certified Automation Professional Associate 66 6
CCST-Logo-300px Certified Control System Technician® (CCST ®) Level 1 1,300 74
CCST-Specialist-Logo-300px Certified Control System Technician (CCST) Level 2—Specialist 389 18
CCST-Master-Logo-300px Certified Control System Technician (CCST) Level 3—Master 329 4
CST-Associate-Logo-125px Control Systems Technician Associate 143 8
Automation-Project-Management-Specialist-web125 Automation Project Management Specialist 53 28
ISA-Fire-and-Gas-Mapping-Specialist-Certificate-Badge Fire and Gas Mapping Specialist Certificate 5 5
SIS-1 Certificate 1: ISA/IEC 61511 SIS Fundamentals Specialist 214 33
SIS-2 Certificate 2: ISA/IEC 61511 SIL Selection Specialist 58 11
SIS-3 Certificate 3: ISA/IEC 61511 SIL Verification Specialist 46 10
SIS-expert ISA/IEC 61511 SIS Expert 122 19
ISA Cybersecurity Certificate Badges-05 Certificate 1: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist 2,618 1,100
cybersecurity-risk-badge Certificate 2: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Specialist 1,154 447
cybersecurity-design-badge Certificate 3: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Design Specialist 747 322
cybersecurity-maintenance-badge Certificate 4: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Maintenance Specialist 613 257
Cybersecurity-Expert-Badge_200px ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Expert 649 249


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Professional Members: 14,935
8.12% increase over 2022

Region 2023 2022
North America 64.79%  70.34%
Latin America and the Caribbean 4.37%  3.63% 
Middle East and Africa 5.29%  5.22% 
Europe 19.98%  7.99% 
Asia and the Pacific 5.47% 12.82% 

Student Members: 2,615
1.06% decrease from 2022 

Region 2023 2022
North America 36.90% 32.95%
Latin America and the Caribbean 4.44% 11.01%
Middle East and Africa 8.07% 3.29% 
Europe 12.50% 9.61% 
Asia and the Pacific 38.09% 43.13%

Sections and Divisions

Collaboration with Divisions 

The Chemical and Petroleum Division worked with ISA staff to create a “division lead” issue of InTech in February. It was a great opportunity for members and staff to collaborate to provide a holistic view of what’s happening in the oil and gas industry.

February 2023 InTech Magazine Cover-min

Geographic Sections  

103 Sections in 33 countries  

83 Student sections 

9 is the average number of volunteers operating a section

95% of sections had 3 or more activities for members to engage 

3 new sections were established: Bahrain, Denmark, and Taiwan

2023 Young Professionals ISA-rev

Young Professionals  

ISA Young Professionals (YP) is an inclusive community where young professionals under the age of 35 can make an impact and influence the future of automation. The Young Professionals met in person at the Automation & Leadership Conference. Join us for a YP Reception at any of our conferences in the future! 

1,122 Members designated as Young Professional

6 Connect Lives hosted by Young Professionals

ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA)


The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA) is a collaborative forum to advance OT cybersecurity awareness, education, readiness, standardization, and knowledge sharing. 

The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance is made up of 50+ member companies and industry groups, representing more than $1.3 trillion in aggregate revenue across more than 2,400 combined worldwide locations. Automation and cybersecurity provider members serve 31 different industries, underscoring the broad applicability of the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards.

Major Accomplishments in 2023

  • Launched new website at
  • National Electric Code — published by NFPA — to reference ISA/IEC 62443 in its 2024 edition
  • Malaysia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have all referenced or adopted the ISA/IEC 62443 standards into policy, guidance, or regulation
  • Completed study: “IIoT System implementation and certification based on ISA/IEC 62443 Standards”
  • Published white paper: “IoT Security Maturity Model: 62443 Mappings for Asset Owners and Suppliers”
  • ICS4ICS, the Incident Command System for Industrial Control Systems, expanded its credentialing program and credentialed 34 people. ICS4ICS also built awareness by presenting at 34 events globally, conducting 12 exercises, participating in 11 meetings, and recruiting 1,400 volunteers and interested parties


ISAGCA Members

ISAGCA-logos as of February 2024


In addition to ISAGCA and ICS4ICS described above, two consortia offer research and conformity assessment services in the fields of cybersecurity and wireless interoperability. Read them all here


ISA/IEC 62443 cybersecurity certification of COTS products, supplier development processes and automation at asset owner operating sites.

ISA Secure+symbol-big

ISA100 Wireless

Assured interoperability for wireless products conforming to the ISA100.11a (IEC 62734) international wireless standard.

  • Eight webinars presented in 2023
  • 2023 new members: PETRONAS, Flint Hills Resources
  • Published OPC/UA Spec. and Bluetooth Low Energy Spec.
ISA100 Wireless - RGB

ISA Offers Thought Leadership for the Automation Profession

ISA and its community of subject matter experts are the leading voices in industrial automation and cybersecurity. Whether through events, books, e-magazines, or industry media, ISA presented thoughtful commentary and technical guidance. 

Position Papers

Subject matter experts from the ISA community authored a variety of position papers and white papers on key areas of focus for the automation profession. Find them all at

Automation is Critical to Achieving Global Energy Goals

isa-position-paper-automation-is-critical-energy-goals-cover-thumbnailAdvanced automation technologies, implemented by knowledgeable and skilled professionals, are being employed across the entire infrastructure of energy production, storage and transmission to keep global energy supplies safe, efficient and secure while meeting these demands of the future. Energy production that is efficient, sustainable and safe depends upon automation technologies and people working together to implement the most creative and innovative solutions.

Automation Drives the Global Quest for Resilient Supply Chains

Position-paper-Automation-Drives-the-Global-Quest-for-Resilient-Supply-Chains-thumbnailThe global pandemic and political instability have forced many manufacturers to shift their operations closer to home as they seek to increase efficiencies and reduce supply chain risks. Manufacturers can optimize their efforts to adapt and strengthen their supply chains by relying on automation technologies, including:
  • Adopting flexible manufacturing principles to allow for more dynamic responses to changes in production demands, raw material availability, and ongoing shortages of skilled labor, providing greater resilience during periods of crisis
  • Embracing the wider use of technologies, such as IoT, robotics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, in their automation strategies to mitigate differences in cost from onshore to offshore, while increasing accuracy, supply chain visibility, and customer satisfaction
  • Recognizing and following industry standards that advance interoperability, quality assurance, and safety throughout the supply chain
  • Adopting industrial automation and control systems cybersecurity standards and conformity assessment programs to protect their operations against operational impacts from intentional and unintentional incidents – and to protect their intellectual property

Automation Depends on People to Make the World a Better Place

ISA-Position-paper-Automation-Depends-on-People-cover-imageAdvances in manufacturing, technology, sustainability, and safety will all depend upon automation technologies and people working together to bring the most creative and innovative solutions to bear.

Automation does not eliminate jobs, as some have feared; rather, it repurposes existing jobs and creates new ones. As a society, our focus should be on preparing our workforce to meet the high and growing demand for engineers and technicians. We must educate enough people to be well versed in automation technologies, as well as the industry standards and conformance programs that support the automation field.

Achieving Sustainability Goals with Automation

ISA-Position-Paper-Achieving-Sustainability-Goals-with-Automation-cover-minAutomation offers new ways to accelerate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities across manufacturing, industry, and beyond. This ISA position paper offers specific recommendations for organizations seeking to demonstrate ESG leadership through the application of automation technologies and systems, including:

  • Relying upon advanced sensors and other automation technologies to reduce the risk of injury to personnel by isolating hazardous processes
  • Providing accountability and transparency by surfacing data and offering objective analysis
  • Creating new jobs and upskilling opportunities as needs and technologies evolve

Advancing Industrial Cybersecurity

ISA-Position-paper-Advancing-Industrial-Cybersecurity-cover-imageCybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities pose a clear and present danger to our facilities, our processes, and the safety of our communities. But when most people think about cybersecurity, they focus on what are commonly considered information technology (IT) challenges impacting individual equipment or networks. While these are valid concerns, the impact on the facility or its operation from equipment or network compromise is much more concerning.

This position paper aims to address how policy makers and private-sector leaders can be best equipped to address the urgent need for improved critical infrastructure cybersecurity through globally relevant standards and conformance programs, as well as strong support for the community of engineers and automation professionals working every day to keep our facilities, processes, and communities safe.


ISA Launches New Podcast, Podomation

Covering All Things Automation and Industrial Cybersecurity

Podomation guests are subject matter experts from throughout the industrial automation community. Our topics include industry 4.0, digital transformation, manufacturing and machine control, connectivity and cybersecurity for operational technology, and continuous and batch processing.

Some episodes are live from ISA events, and others recorded in studio. But no matter what, we will always focus on the critical role that automation plays in making the world a better place, and all the ways our community is making a difference.

Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts so you will be sure to see new episodes as soon as they are available.




Award-winning Events  

Automation & Leadership Conference
  • Best Mobile App Event
  • Best In Person Event
OT Cybersecurity Summit
  • Best Event EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Media and PR

42 Media placements in 2023  
48% Year over year increase in placements
8,108 Media mentions of ISA and ISA/IEC 62443 in 2023, including the following publications and media outlets: 
ISA Media Mentions publication and outlet logos




InTech Magazine

6 Issues (print and digital) 
56 Original articles 
127,000 Subscribers

InTech Webpages  

210,588 Users 
505,742 Page Views 

InTech Plus

28 Newsletters  
118,000 Subscribers


26 Issues: Automation Insights 
16 Issues: Factory Automation & Control
16 Issues: Process Automation & Control
16 Issues: Connectivity & Cybersecurity
16 Issues: IIoT & Smart Manufacturing

Website Data 

1,397,657 Users 
3,121,297 Page views 
127,000 Subscribers 
2,700+ News, products, and features stories published 

58 ISA-authored articles across our InTech and publication


1,027 Registrants: Cybersecurity 
593 Registrants: IIoT & Smart Manufacturing 
576 Registrants: Process Automation



ISA Rodeo and Recognition Award Presentation

Celebrating Excellence Recognitions

ISA recognized 2023 winners of the Celebrating Excellence Awards at a gala during the Automation & Leadership Conference:

Enduring Society Service

  • Alan Bryant
Excellence in Division Leadership
  • Alan Bryant | Chemical and Petroleum Division
  • Jayesh Barve | Automatic Controls and Robotics Division
  • Jeff Winter |Smart Manufacturing Division
  • Kelvin Erickson |Education and Research Division
  • Manoj Yegnaraman | Water and Wastewater Division
  • Rathan Bala | Building Automation Systems Division
  • Ronaldo Neves Ribeiro |Pulp and Paper Division
  • Sandra Krauthamer | Aerospace and Test Measurement Division
  • Zain Ali |Process and Measurement Control Division
Excellence in Mentoring
  • Isabel Vidal-Tato
Excellence in Education
  • Dr. Manish Thakker
Mentoring Excellence
  • Richard Tunstall 
Excellence in Section Leadership
  • Francisco José Alférez Canales 
Excellence in Standards
  • Frank Stieglitz
Division Excellence in Technical Achievement
  • Don Dickinson | Water and Wastewater Industries Division
  • R. Russell Reinhart | Education and Research Division
  • Rakshekhar Uchil | Aerospace and Test Measurement Division
  • Sherry LaBonne | Process Measurement and Control Division
Excellence in Student Section Leadership
  • Haard Shah
Excellence in Technical Achievement
  • James Haw
Section Excellence
  • Colombia Section
  • Maharashtra Section
  • Pune Section
Student Section Excellence
  • Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management Engineering
Standards Achievement
  • Frank Stieglitz
  • Gregory McMillan
  • Peter Morgan
Volunteer Leader of the Year
  • Gurmeet Anand
Best Selling Book
  • Measurement and Control Basics, Fifth Edition | Thomas A. Hughes


100,500 USD Amount awarded in scholarships

32 Recipients awarded 

6 Countries represented 
isa Scholarships-image-min

Social Media

Followers by Social Media Platform: 

367,000 on Facebook

130,000 on LinkedIn 

14,000 on Instagram   

4,367 on X

6,100 on Pinterest 

20,400 on YouTube   

30,100 on TikTok

International Automation Professionals Day – 28 April

ISA was founded on 28 April 1945, an occasion we are thrilled to commemorate each year. International Automation Professionals Day was started as a celebration of our founders' legacies and their long-lasting contributions to the industry. Now we get to witness the legacies being created by those who have dedicated their career to this ever-changing industry. 


Women in Engineering

Each year ISA joins with the global community to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June. This year, we recognized the exceptional achievements of women in the field of automation engineering and celebrated those who work to promote gender equality and foster inclusivity within the engineering community.

ISA Connect

Career Skills

ISA Business Academy 

In response to member requests for leadership development resources, ISA launched its Business Academy in 2023. 

56 Participants in first cohort

13 Countries represented

A-smiling-young-man-in-a-suit-sits-in-the-office-at-a-desk-and-works-on-a-laptop-typing-ISA Business Academy

Five Career Skills Sessions Held at ALC

  • Agile Project Management in Automation Projects
  • Accelerating Your Career Using Creativity Skills
  • Set Goals All the Time
  • Serve the Right Customer
  • Understanding Personality Types in the Workplace

Career Center

The Career Center is a valuable tool for candidates and hiring managers – post a position, share your resume, and search for career guidance in a community devoted to automation.

437,635 Job views

72 Job postings



2023 Operational Net

Actual 1,128,498 USD
Budget -1,049,000 USD
Revenue 17,835,600 USD
Expenses 16,707,102 USD


Current Assets 12,459,179 USD
Marketable Securities 36,942,873 USD
Fixed Assets 2,679,610 USD
Other Assets 1,497,898 USD
Total Assets 53,579,560 USD

Liabilities and Net Assets

Total Liabilities  8,712,110 USD
Net Assets 39,655,031 USD
YTD Surplus/(Deficit) 5,212,419 USD
Total Liabilities and Net Assets 53,579,560 USD