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#AutomationProDay | #IAPD

International Automation Professionals Day

28 April 2024

Social Media Contest Submissions
Last year, we asked automation professionals and students to share how they are helping to (or plan to help) create a better world through automation on ISA's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X channels. Here are their responses:

2024 Submissions


Steve Mustard

Since 1945 ISA has been helping international automation professionals create a better world through automation. From the days of our first President Albert Sperry, to those of Carlos Mandolesi, whose idea it was to recognize the founding of ISA every year, to now with our current president Prabhu Soundarrajan, ISA’s staff and volunteers have been working together to lead the profession with standards, events, publications, and training. On International Automation Professionals Day I am grateful for the strong community of friends and colleagues from ISA that forms a trusted resource for me and all professionals around the world.


ISA Nigeria Section

ISA Nigeria Section

ISA Nigeria Section celebrates all Automation Professionals & Enthusiasts, Industry Leaders, Discipline Experts and many others working towards making the world a better place through automation.

"You Don't Automate To Get Rid of the Human, You Automate to Amplify The Human"- Robert Mann

Happy #AutomationProDay!


Complete Genomics

With International Automation Professionals Day happening on April 28th, the team at Complete Genomics wants to take the opportunity to celebrate all of the dedicated lab automation experts whose commitment to optimization, precision, and efficiency helps to drive innovation in genomics and beyond.

#AutomationProDay #IAPD #LabAutomation 
#Genomics #Innovation #Robotics

visionaries (1)

i3 Visionaries

Happy International Automation Professionals Day!

Today, we recognize the incredible work of automation professionals worldwide. They're the masterminds behind the efficient systems that save businesses time and resources. Through automation, they free up clients to focus on strategic thinking and empower employees by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Their expertise is transforming industries and shaping a more automated future!

We're incredibly grateful for your dedication and ingenuity. Happy International Automation Professionals Day to you all and our amazing Automation team!

#i3Visionaries #IAPD #AutomationProDay


Ashley Weckwerth

Today is Automation Professional Day! 💙We are representing automation professionals everywhere and the International Society of Automation (ISA) while celebrating automation at Epcot today! #automationproday #isa


CB Control Systems d.o.o.


Cheers to the champions of automation worldwide, who are shaping a future full of efficiency and innovation! 🥂 🌍

#CBControlSystems #Automation #Innovation #AutomotiveIndustry #AutomationProDay #IAPD #FutureOfWork

SETRA Saudi Electronic Trading & Contracting Company Ltd.

SETRA Saudi Electronic Trading & Contracting Company Ltd.

Happy International Automation Professionals Day! Today, we're extending a huge thank you to Setra's amazing ASD team for their dedication and expertise in driving innovation through automation.

Your hard work keeps us at the forefront of progress.


Chetan E.

The International Society of Automation (ISA), an organization working at the international level in the field of automation, was established on April 28, 1945. Therefore, April 28 has been celebrated as "International Automation Professional Day" for the past two years.

From process automation to machine automation, from building automation to medical automation, automation engineers are tirelessly and skillfully working across all fields.

Efforts taken by all automation professionals are making the lives of people more comfortable, more efficient, and more satisfactory!

Today's day is an opportunity for everyone working in the automation field to express heartfelt gratitude for their work and to encourage them be to be enthusiastic all the time!!

Let us all celebrate this day by recognizing and appreciating each other's contributions to our work.

#AutomationProDay #ISA #Automation

Claire (2)

Claire Fallon

Today is International Automation Professionals Day! I am grateful for the automation professionals - past, present, and future - who make our world better.

As an engineer, I was trained to calculate, measure, and design “things.” But ultimately these things were to keep people safe in some way. On the surface, automation could easily appear to be a mechanism that takes away from people’s best interest. But when used as intended, automation makes people’s lives better, safer, and more efficient.

The next time you drive past an industrial plant, think about all the processes that occur without disrupting your life for even a minute. Many automation professionals have dedicated their careers to use their knowledge to improve someone’s life.

Join me in celebrating the quiet heroes who are automation professionals. It’s always all about the people.

#IAPD #ISA #Automation


Marco Ayala

Happy International Automation Professionals Day 2024!

Let's give a big round of applause to all the professionals in the instrument and automation field, as we celebrate their dedication to improving the safety, security, and efficiency of manufacturing and supply chain operations, along with critical infrastructures across the globe. It's thanks to their combined expertise and commitment that modern economies can prosper and progress seamlessly.

Today, as we mark the anniversary of ISA's founding on April 28, 1945, let's take time to recognize the folks that have played a part in your journey, those no longer with us, as well as those that continue to inspire and mentor even in retirement.

#IAPD #InstrumentProDay #AutomationProDay 
#automation #instrumentation #controlsystems


Ardis Bartle

Automation Day is ISA's Important Day. Automation Professionals are leaders in the Houston area..and they have continue to be honored repeatedly! They include leaders like Cheri Haarmeyer, Mary Cannon, James Haw PE, PMP, CMRP, Bridget Fitzpatrick, Ken Belteau, P. E. and many others !



ISA Seccion Colombia

Feliz dia a todos los profesionales que hacen de la automatización un mundo mejor! Gracias por su valioso aporte a la industria! #automationproday


Tim G.

Happy Automation Professionals Day. #automationproday


Iqbal Q.

Happy International Automation Professionals Day! Today, let's take a moment to honor the dedicated professionals who have, are and will continue to shape our world through automation.

I am fundamentally an engineer, my training focused around creating solutions that prioritize human safety and security above everything else. While it might seem that automation could result a different outcome, it is quite the opposite. When implemented thoughtfully, automation increases safety, security and overall efficiency of systems.

Consider industrial facilities you happen to visit some time. Huge thanks to the decades of work of automation professionals to make these facilities seamless, secure, innovative yet making our life better in many aspects.

Lets come together to celebrate these heroes of automation. It’s the people who matter the most.

Thank you International Society of Automation (ISA) for building such a wonderful community and standards.

#ISA #automationproday 


ISA Pune Section

International Automation Professionals Day is celebrated each year on 28 April in commemoration of International Society of Automation (ISA)'s founding on that date in 1945.

We at ISA Pune Section kicked off the celebrations with a visit to Centre for Industry 4.0 (C4i4) Lab for an industry cum Tech-Talk. C4I4 Lab is a Central Government funded body that helps industry including MSMEs to assess and implement Industry 4.0 in their factories or automation systems.

It is an amazing setup where they have actually implemented a complete manufacturing setup right from planning, raw inventory, manufacturing processes, packaging and despatch using modern technology and step by step guidance to operators, using Industrial IOT practices and tools like smart sensors, drives, robotic arms and cobots, visual inspection and unmanned vehicle for conveying the products for final packing.

Over 25 colleagues from ISA Pune joined for the visit, and we aim to carry forward the initiative by collaboration in training, consulting and applying automation expertise from our 250+ professional members!

#iapd #autoproday #IIoT 
#iiotplatform #industry40 #C4i4


Felipe Sabino Costa, MSc, MBA

Today marks a special celebration for #AutomationProDay and International Society of Automation (ISA) a time to reflect on how automation unlocks a world of potential. It has been a remarkable journey for me, both personally and professionally so far. Automation isn’t just about technology; it’s about the dreams it enables us to achieve.

One of those dreams was realized for a second time when I had the opportunity to discuss the application of the ISA/IEC 62443 standard at NASA, addressing its significance for the future of research. It was more than a presentation; it was a milestone, a moment that encapsulated the transformative power of automation.

What drives my passion in cybersecurity is knowing that we’re not just protecting systems; we’re safeguarding hopes and shaping a better world. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re protecting our most precious asset—the people. Here’s to the dreamers, the innovators, and everyone who believes in the power of automation to turn those dreams into reality.


General Control Systems Inc.

It's International Automation Professionals Day!

The professionals at GCS have successfully completed automation projects for the paper manufacturing & converting, cement, pharmaceutical R&D, municipal wastewater, pharmaceutical, OEM equipment manufacturing, general manufacturing, agriculture storage, municipal water treatment, rail transportation and petroleum refining markets.


Tim Muhundan

Today on International Automation Professionals Day, let’s celebrate the power of automation in enhancing customer experiences. Are you leveraging AI Automation to transform your CX? Automation can streamline lead generation and boost conversions, revolutionizing how we connect with our customers.

Tagging Jeff Winter - I would not have have even known about #automationproday if it was not for you... and Claire Fallon - good on you for what you have done with #IAPD.



Prabhu Soundarrajan

Today is #Automationproday. It is the day when we celebrate #Automation professionals around the world.

circa 2002 one of my friends in grad school asked me “Look around you and tell me if you can name a single thing around you that is not a product of chemistry. It was an eye-opening question. Things have changed in 20 years.

Today I ask “Look around you and name one thing that is not a product of #Automation around you”. From the alarm clocks to the shower to our microwaves, to the thermostats to our cars, planes we fly in, the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe - Automation is everywhere. Let’s honor all #Automation professionals and celebrate what we have created to make this world a better place.

Liz (1)

Liz Neiman

I am so proud to celebrate International Automation Professionals Day! The International Society of Automation (ISA) is such a tremendous and inspiring community - I am lucky to learn from each of you every day.

It is my great honor to wave the ISA flag whenever I can and wherever I go. #IAPD #AutomationProDay


Bill Lydon

Automation Professionals are crucial for manufacturers to build profitable and sustainable operations. With digitalization, the integration of business systems and manufacturing automation is becoming increasingly synchronized in real-time, leading to a significant boost in productivity and sustainability. As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, the role of Automation Professionals becomes even more critical. #iapd

Glen Merrell

Glenn Merrell, CAP

Founded on this day 79 years ago, the Instrumentation Society of America (ISA) began its journey in becoming the global center of competency for all things instrumentation, electrical, control and automation, unrivaled by any other organization on the planet. Now known globally as the International Society of Automation, ISA continues to promote innovation and provide training to make our world a better place for all through state-of-the-art professional support for industry, collecting the best minds on the planet in collaboration toward "setting the standard for automation". I began my career over 50 years ago as QA/QC inspector at Philco Electronics and Computer Division who sponsored my degree in electronics.

This lead to a Junior Engineer position in automation circa 1974 automating tests for digital watch circuit boards on custom built 'analog' automated digital test equipment (yes when wrist watches were LED's) at a small company in Pennsylvania named Integrated Display Systems INC. That cemented my love for automation. I was fortunate to be mentored by giants in the industry whom I later stood on their shoulders to gain knowledge, insights and expertise into the world of instrumentation, automation, robotics, manufacturing, process industries from many sectors and the controls that operate all of them. It has been, and continues to be a most excellent adventure living through and applying advances in technologies ranging from high innovative applications, and of course the "what were they thinking" failures.

In this journey I have been most fortunate to master many areas of control systems theory and application across a majority of the 16 US and 18 EU Critical Infrastructure sectors.

Out of all of my experiences, I believe the attached photo shows a range of achievements during this adventure based upon a solid foundation of life-long learning, mentoring and work experience.

If you see me at training or a conference and you have achieved one of these, are actively participating in ISA99 or have been one of my students earning one or more of these achievements, introduce yourself and I may have one of these for you in my pocket simply for the asking (subject to availability, showing me your BadgeCert, limited time only and may not be available in all areas 😉).

The challenge to young and career professionals is; learn something new every day other than chasing after shiny objects, learn to use your hands - not just your mind, and never, ever stop learning. And if you have earned one of these button badges then later another as your advance received a higher certificate, challenge another to go out and earn the badge, mentor them toward the goal, and when they earn the certificate, award them with your previous achievement button. I also have ones if you have earned an ISA Certified Automation Professional.

#IAPD #ISA #Cybersecurity


Dean Bickerton

Happy Automation Professional Day!

I have been fortunate to serve the industrial automation industry since January 1992. In my 32 years as an automation professional, I've worked on projects to safely and securely provide important utility services, produce materials, and manufacture products. Projects incorporating both human and environmental safety are paramount and are part of what automation professionals do every day.

And some days we get to play with robots!

This video is from a production test for one of my clients, Allpax. Allpax is a manufacturer of retorts. A retort is an autoclave used in the food and beverage industry to keep the products we and our pets enjoy free from bacteria and shelf-stable. The process is to sterilize the product through cyclic steam or water immersion. As you may expect there is quite a bit of material handling involved to get the product off of the assembly line, put it into trays, put the trays into baskets, load the baskets into the retort, then reverse the process to send the product on to be labeled, packed, palletized, and shipped. Depending on the product, different types of robots may be used. In this particular project, the product was lunch meat in a pouch. Delta robots were used to pick the pouches off of the line and place into trays. Articulated Arm Robots were then used to pick up the trays and load them into baskets. #AutomationProDay #IAPD


Luis M P.

Today marks #AutomationProDay, a day dedicated to recognizing the individuals behind the transformative force of automation in our lives and industries. As we celebrate this occasion, it's crucial to reflect not only on the technological advancements but also on the human ingenuity and ethical foresight that drive this field.

Automation is more than an engineering marvel; it is a reflection of human creativity and a testament to our pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness. From streamlining operations in manufacturing to enhancing precision in healthcare, automation touches various facets of our lives, often invisibly and yet profoundly. On this day, I want to extend my gratitude to the thinkers, tinkerers, and ethical visionaries in automation. Your work does more than optimize workflows—it challenges us to reconsider our roles and responsibilities in a mechanized world. It raises important questions about job displacement, privacy, and the balance of human oversight with autonomous decision-making.


nirma (1)

Nirma Institute of Technology ISA Student Section

Embracing the future, one bot at a time! The ISA Students’ Chapter, Nirma University hosted an inspiring QuadraPod Workshop, where minds met machines in a dance of innovation. Here’s to endless possibilities and limitless learning! 

Our workshop has been a transformative journey, bridging the realms of software and hardware to empower attendees with a robust skill set essential for mastering the intricate world of robotics. With newfound knowledge and hands-on experience, they're primed to navigate the forefront of technological advancement and shape the future of automation.💡

#ISAWorkshop #RoboticsLeap 
#SkillMastery #automationproday 


Marcus Leao

Happy International Automation Professionals Day! 🤖👏🏼
Joining the chorus of celebration as a fellow automation professional! Here's to our collective dedication to driving efficiency and innovation. Proud to be contributing to a future powered by #automation
AutomationProDay #Efficiency #Innovation


Photo submission from Dharmsisinh Desai University DDU ISA Student Section


2023 Submissions


Attention all automation professionals! Today is International Automation Professionals Day! Join us in celebrating the hard work, dedication, and innovation of automation professionals around the world. From engineers and technicians to software developers and project managers, these professionals play a crucial role in advancing the field of automation and shaping the future of our world. Let's take a moment to recognize and thank all the automation professionals who continue to push the boundaries of what's possible. Happy International Automation Professionals Day!

Instrumentation & Control Engineering-SCET, Surat

Happy Automation Day! April may be the month of springtime and renewal in the Northern hemisphere or a celebration of Anzac Day in Australia, but ISA –The International Society of Automation has christened it "The Month of the Automation Professional around the world." All month long, leading up the anniversary of its founding on April 28, 1945, the association that was once known as the Instrument Society of America is celebrating the incredible people who make the world a better place through automation. This ever-growing industry is full of amazing talent, inspiring stories, and game-changing innovation.


On April 28, 1945, the International Society of Automation (ISA) was founded, so today we celebrate all automation professionals. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 #AutomationProDay

Automation professionals bring #ICS to life, integrating software and hardware to increase productivity in different industries, leading the digital transformation. Now, with new challenges of protecting systems against  #CyberThreats due to the convergence of OT/IT worlds.

Let's celebrate, continue developing this career, and protect our systems with  #IndustrialCybersecurity. Cheers! 

Rodrigo Iraheta

Un día decidí formar parte de una sociedad que me formó, me permitió crecer, y me brindó diversidad de oportunidades para mí desarrollo profesional. Me siento dichoso que fui de los primeros miembros estudiantiles sino es que fui el primero en ISA Sección El Salvador y que con esfuerzo pudimos formar muchas más sociedades en El Salvador. Me siento orgulloso de ser parte y de ser un profesional de la automatización  #AutomationProDay

One day I decided to be part of a society that shaped me, allowed me to grow, and gave me a diversity of opportunities for my professional development. I feel happy that I was one of the first student members if not I was the first in ISA El Salvador Section and that with effort we were able to form many more societies in El Salvador. I am proud to be part of and to be a professional in automation  #AutomationProDay

Sujata Tilak

Happy International Automation Professionals Day to all my fellow Automation Professionals world over!! Let us celebrate everything that Automation Professionals do to 'Create a better world through automation.

2022 Submissions