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#AutomationProDay | #IAPD

International Automation Professionals Day

28 April 2023

Social Media Contest Submissions
Last year, we asked automation professionals and students to share how they are helping to (or plan to help) create a better world through automation on ISA's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels. Here are their responses:

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Attention all automation professionals! Today is International Automation Professionals Day! Join us in celebrating the hard work, dedication, and innovation of automation professionals around the world. From engineers and technicians to software developers and project managers, these professionals play a crucial role in advancing the field of automation and shaping the future of our world. Let's take a moment to recognize and thank all the automation professionals who continue to push the boundaries of what's possible. Happy International Automation Professionals Day!

Instrumentation & Control Engineering-SCET, Surat

Happy Automation Day! April may be the month of springtime and renewal in the Northern hemisphere or a celebration of Anzac Day in Australia, but ISA –The International Society of Automation has christened it "The Month of the Automation Professional around the world." All month long, leading up the anniversary of its founding on April 28, 1945, the association that was once known as the Instrument Society of America is celebrating the incredible people who make the world a better place through automation. This ever-growing industry is full of amazing talent, inspiring stories, and game-changing innovation.


On April 28, 1945, the International Society of Automation (ISA) was founded, so today we celebrate all automation professionals. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 #AutomationProDay

Automation professionals bring #ICS to life, integrating software and hardware to increase productivity in different industries, leading the digital transformation. Now, with new challenges of protecting systems against  #CyberThreats due to the convergence of OT/IT worlds.

Let's celebrate, continue developing this career, and protect our systems with  #IndustrialCybersecurity. Cheers! 

Rodrigo Iraheta

Un día decidí formar parte de una sociedad que me formó, me permitió crecer, y me brindó diversidad de oportunidades para mí desarrollo profesional. Me siento dichoso que fui de los primeros miembros estudiantiles sino es que fui el primero en ISA Sección El Salvador y que con esfuerzo pudimos formar muchas más sociedades en El Salvador. Me siento orgulloso de ser parte y de ser un profesional de la automatización  #AutomationProDay

One day I decided to be part of a society that shaped me, allowed me to grow, and gave me a diversity of opportunities for my professional development. I feel happy that I was one of the first student members if not I was the first in ISA El Salvador Section and that with effort we were able to form many more societies in El Salvador. I am proud to be part of and to be a professional in automation  #AutomationProDay

Sujata Tilak

Happy International Automation Professionals Day to all my fellow Automation Professionals world over!! Let us celebrate everything that Automation Professionals do to 'Create a better world through automation.

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