Online Proctoring for ISA Exams FAQs



ISA offers the ability to take all our exams at a Prometric testing center or through ProProctor, an online proctoring service with Prometric. As in-person events are rescheduled or canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this option gives you the flexibility to take our exams from the safety of your home or office.

There are two main differences.  One difference is that you do not have access to scratch paper.  The other difference is that during the exam, you can stand and/or stretch within view of the online proctor.  It is highly discouraged that you leave the area being used to take the exam.    

You can perform a system readiness check of your computer to make sure it is fully compatible with the ProProctor application. 

This option is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Scheduling will be done based on availability when candidates are ready to schedule.

ProProctor is available in all countries, except for US embargoed countries.

Your grade is emailed to you after the exam.

You are required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver's license, passport, state-issued ID card) on exam day; please ensure that your first and last name on the valid, government-issued photo ID EXACTLY match your first and last name as they appear on the scheduling screens.

Before starting an oline  exam, the proctor will ask you to scan the room with your computer camera to make sure there is nothing in the room that can be used to cheat.

During the exam, your computer will be locked, so you will not be able to visit any other screens.

You can review the ProProctor Users Guide for more information.

Yes, you can.   Get the Prometric confirmation code that was emailed to you, go to ISA's Prometric webpage, look under “REMOTELY PROCTORED EXAM,” choose “Reschedule” (located on the left), and follow the steps to reschedule your exam as an online exam.    

Yes, you have access to a calculator; it is built into the exam. However, you ARE NOT permitted to use scratch paper during the exam.

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