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23 March 2021


10:00 ETKeynote Presentation: Innovations in Online Analyzers: An End Users Perspective
                    JD Tate, Dow Chemical Company

10:30 ETBreak

11:00 ETAutomated Sampling of Hydrocarbon Liquids
                   Phil Harris,
Insight Analytical Solutions

11:30 ET Break

12:00 ETRethinking Calibration for Process Spectrometers
                   Brian Rohrback,

12:30 ETLunch Break

13:00 ETTechnology Demonstration: Sponsored by Buhler Technologies, LLC
                   Oliver Fries,
Vice President

13:30 ET Maximizing Data Integrity and Ensuring Compliance for Emission Data Warehousing
                   William Montag,
CEMTEK KVB - Enertec

14:00 ETBreak

14:30 ET Use of Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) to meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020 Sulfur Regulations and the American Tier III, European Euro 6 or the Indian Bharat VI Standards
                   Franek Olstowski,
COSA Xentaur Corporation

15:00 ETBreak

15:30 ETAn Evolution in Liquid Analytics Sensing Technology - The Complete "Digital" Loop
                   Tony Sandfoss,

16:00 ETHappy Hour Chat

17:00 ETAdjourn