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This year, ISA celebrates 75 years.

75 years of advocating for the people and technology that move societies and economies forward.

75 years of creating and supporting industries that power our world.

75 years of difference-makers and risk-takers on whose shoulders we stand today.

Our members, volunteers, and communities have supported ISA for 75 years. Their support, passion, and dedication ensure that ISA will spend the next 75 years advancing our vision – to create a better world through automation.

75 Years of ISA

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Celebrate ISA's 75th anniversary by giving back to the community.

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Discover what's shaping the future of the automation industry.

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Share your company’s history of innovation and dedication to the future of automation in InTech magazine.

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ISA's 75th Anniversary

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Fireside Chats with Former Presidents

Fireside Chat with Peggie Koon


Member Celebrations

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